1 More Mix 083: Black Barrel x Leo Cap

An insight into the double-life of Evgenii Khmel

This latest 1 More Mix is brought to you by the deep and dark sounds of Black Barrel and Leo Cap.

Living a double-life can sometimes come with challenges, but for Evgenii Khmel, his double-life has a whole different meaning as a he splits his creative time between two successful aliases within the bass music scene.

Now living life with his family in Koh Phangan, Thailand, you can still be sure to catch a flash of leopard print prowling between drum & bass and dubstep raves as both Leo Cap and Black Barrel, the latter of which dropped his latest EP recently on Dispatch.

Having a real tight knit bond with Dispatch Recordings, Black Barrel recently released Want To Feel EP on the label which features four tracks classic deep and rolling beats from the man himself. He continues to be a resident and loyal family friend of the label.

So much so, he has teased some more releases with two more four trackers on the way, a dubplate single and some remixes for good measure. Black Barrel fans will be excited at the prospect of more material waiting in the wings from their favourite Russian roller.

In this chat we find out how Evgenii splits his time between both Black Barrel and Leo Cap creatively, his electronically inspired musical beginnings, his love for Dispatch, the differences between drum & bass and dubstep raves and so much more.

So put on your sunglasses, tighten that leopard print bandana, listen and read on as we find out more about Leo Cap and Black Barrel

How did your journey into music begin?

It started around 2003-2005. Just listening to local radio with D&B airs around night and just some different electronic music. This time I’ve been listening to house, pump, hardcore, D&B and jungle. Then after 2008 I was involved in production with those vibes on my background. So I can say that electronica started forming my taste and definitely changing my way into this journey.

Love That! Do you have inspirations that help your creativeness?

For many of my current inspirations I need to mention a strange folder on my first computer, it’s called Night Experience. It was well selected and mixed with 10 jungle tracks. Years later I was even starting to think that somebody did it specially for me, maybe even from the future. I got this feeling now. Also now after all my experience many things can help me. It still can be a good tune from any producer or idea, or movie, or idea how I can work with plugins in my head, so many different ways, doesn’t matter actually.

Awesome! How do you split your time between Leo Cap and Black Barrel creatively?

It usually forms from my tasks between labels and my Patreon and for sure sometimes it directly depends on inspiration. I love both genres and just trying to see what I want to do now.

It must be cool to be able to switch up between both aliases! How are you finding life over in Asia?

Сomplex, at the same time wise, happy and always teaching and helping to grow by leaps and bounds. Here you can quickly experience the concept of karma and determine some patterns of existence, along with constant psychological training from the Thais.

Can you talk to us about your latest and upcoming releases on Dispatch?

Yeah sure. We got more music on the way and are planning to work with the label in future for sure. I got the upcoming 4-track release ‘Want to Feel EP’ and a Dubplate single with 2 super special tracks made in Koh Phangan where I’m living. 10″ vinyl with no repress 28 copies currently almost sold. And then 2 more 4-track EP’s and a few remixes on the way as well. There will surely be more music there.

This is what we love to hear! Can you tell us about your relationship with Dispatch, it seems like you have a real bond with them?

For a long time I was exclusively associated with the label from 2018 until recently. At the moment I have decided that I will continue to work with the label, but now I will be able to send music to other labels if they are interested. Despite these changes, I remain a resident of the label and it will forever remain home to me and they will always be my family.

Nice to hear this! Are there many differences between the dubstep and D&B scenes in your opinion?

Based on my touring experience, I can say that the vibe is definitely different. The culture in both cases is welcoming and relaxed, with deep roots. By the way, I like this in both genres. You can dig deep and understand the essence of history, while simultaneously immersing yourself in the incredible personal stories of the formation of the scene.

What can our listeners expect to hear in the mix you’re providing us?

Of course, first of all, my new music, as well as the current sound that I like.

Do you precisely plan your mixes or are you more of a go with the flow type of guy?

I usually never plan mixes, I prefer improvisation because you never know how the crowd will react to your vibe. So random abstraction is the best metaphor of this improvisation.

This has been awesome, thank you! Any exciting plans you have lined up that you can share with us?

Certainly! I’m currently discussing a merch launch, gathering press for an artist visa application to the US, and planning some European tours. I have broken my addiction to tobacco, weed and e-cigarettes and am gaining energy for the next step. Take care of yourself and your energy! Peace!

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